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  • I understand the questions on this site.
  • I understand that any facts that I give, including benefit and income facts, will be matched with local, state, and federal records, such as employers, the Social Security Administration, tax, welfare, and unemployment agencies, etc. and for cash aid and food stamps, records will be matched with law enforcement agencies for arrest warrants.
  • I understand that the county will send information to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for verification of non-citizen status, and to the Social Security Administration to check work quarters information for non-citizens applying for benefits.
  • I understand that the information the county gets from USCIS and/or Social Security may affect my eligibility for benefits.
  • I understand information, including benefit, and income facts, that I give on this site is subject to investigation and review by county, state, and federal personnel and that if I give incorrect facts my benefits may be denied or stopped.
  • I understand that I must apply for and keep any available health coverage if no cost is involved; if I do not my Medicaid will be denied or stopped.


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